R184 - Contemporary issues in Sport
R185 - Key Components of Performance
R186 - Sport & The Media
R187 - Outdoor & Adventurous Activities

Exam Questions

  • 1) Describe the 3 Olympic values. 4 Marks

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  • 2) Describe 4 values that can be promoted through sport. 4 Marks

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  • 3) Identify two examples of good spectator etiquette at an athletics event. 2 Marks

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  • 4) Use key words to define the following sporting examples:

    Key Words:
    Etiquette Sportmanship Gamesmanship

    1. Grunting loudly in tennis in order to put off an opponent.
    2. In football, kicking the ball out of play when an opponent is injured.
    3. In cricket, clapping an opponent when they reach 50 runs. 3 Marks

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  • 5) Explain the reasons why athletes take PEDs. 5 Marks

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  • 6) Name 4 types of PEDs used commonly in sport and their effect. 8 Marks

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