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Exam Questions. Feedback. Markbook. Tracking. Over the last few months we have been working on a huge project surrounding exam questions, assessment and feedback as part of our GCSE PE Learning Platform. We have been creating lots of brand new exam questions which are being added to the platform. Your pupils will be able to …

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The topic of ‘Guidance’ is relatively new to GCSE PE and like many other topics on the course it is important not to over complicate this unit. Guidance simply refers to how coaches ‘guide’ performers as they teach them new skills or help them to improve skills that they have already learned. There are four …

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E-Learning & Revision at The PE Classroom

Although UK schools are looking increasingly likely to spend some time closed in the coming weeks and months, E-learning is something that is already used across the World and for many teachers compliments classroom teaching. We would like to share with you how http://www.thepeclassroom.com can be used for both E-learning and revision for your GCSE and …

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Free Pupil Quizzes

Each topic below includes a 20 question quiz which will enable you to test your Physical Education knowledge. The quizzes will help your understanding of each topic as well as highlighting areas that require further revision. The Musculo-Skeletal System  The Cardio-Respiratory System Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise/The Short & long Term Effects of Exercise, Lever Systems/Planes & …

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The PE Classroom – What are we all about?

The PE Classroom – http://www.thepeclassroom.com Why was The PE Classroom created? As teachers we all wish we had more of it. Without it we cannot put our pupils first and cannot continue to develop our teaching and lesson delivery. We wish we didn’t have to waste so much of it with administrative and menial tasks. …

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