LRI – Aerobic v Anaerobic Respiration

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Topic - Aerobic v Anaerobic Respiration




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A long jumper would mainly require which type of respiration in order to produce energy?

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Complete the equation for anaerobic respiration. Glucose -> Energy + _______ _______

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Complete the equation for aerobic exercise. Glucose + ­­­­­­­­______ ---> energy + CO2 + water

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What causes lactic acid to build up following anaerobic exercise?

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What should a sprinter do shortly after a race?

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A rugby player uses which type of respiration?

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Exam Questions

Have a go at the following exam questions After submitting your answers you will be able to watch the video which will run through the mark scheme.

  • 1) Briony is a hockey player. Using examples, discuss the type of respiration that Briony will require at different points during a hockey match. 4 Marks

  • 2) Briony is experiencing muscle aches shortly after a match. Her coach tells her that this is due to a build-up of lactic acid. Explain what causes lactic acid to build up and discuss how Briony can get rid of this toxic substance. 2 Marks

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