Topic 2 – NEA Preparation

Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) Preparation

Your assessment for R186 Topic Area 2 will involve you exploring the positive effects of the media in sport. 

This is likely to be in the form of a written report. 


This page is to help generate ideas for your assignment. You will complete some activities to prompt the aspects of the topic which you should consider in your assignment. 

This page is not designed to complete your assignment, which you will do during normal curriculum time under the supervision of your teacher. 

Sample Assignment

Your athletics club has been awarded a National Lottery grant to raise its profile. This will give the club the opportunity to improve their advertising and marketing to get new participants, attract sponsors and get events and information to reach a wider audience. 

Your task is to gather information about the positive effects the media can have on the athletics club and analyse its effect. 

You will find it useful to provide examples from the media.

Your written report for this topic can be broken down into 4 key areas:

1 - Describe the relationship between athletics and the media

Have a go at the question set below by considering how sports and the media are connected.

2 - Explain how the athletics club and the media use each other to promote themselves and increase sponsorship revenue

Match up the media source to how it can benefit from sport clubs and facilities utilising them. 

Now, match up the use of media for sport performers and organisations to the correct explanation. 

3 - Explain how the media can promote the links between athletics and the health and fitness industry

Use the words to on the right to complete the paragraph.

4 - Recommend how the club could raise its profile through the use of the media by using their lottery grant

Are the following statements true or false?

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