R180 - Reducing the Risk of Sports Injuries
R181 - Applying the Principles of Training
R182 - The Body's Response to Physical Activity
R183 - Nutrition & Sports Performance

Topic 1 – NEA Preparation

Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) Preparation

Your assessment for R181 Topic Area 1 will involve you analysing the different components of fitness.

This is likely to be in the form of a written report. 


This page is to help generate ideas for your assignment. You will complete some activities which prompt the aspects of the topic which you should consider in your assignment. 

This page is not designed to complete your assignment, which you will do during normal curriculum time under the supervision of your teacher.

Sample Assignment

You have recently joined the coaching team at a local U16 rugby clubs. The Head Coach has asked you to analyse the different components of fitness that are required in the sport of rugby.  

You are required to research the different components of fitness and analyse which are most relevant to rugby players.

Your written report for this topic can be broken down into 4 key areas:

1 - Define the different components of Fitness

Match up the components of fitness with the correct definition.

2 - Analyse the suitability of each component of fitness within a sporting context

Choose which sport the following components of skill are most important for.

3 - Analyse the suitability of each component of fitness within the sport of rugby

Match the rugby skill to the component of fitness that allows a player to perform that skill. 

4 - Evaluate the most important components of fitness required within the sport of rugby, justifying your answer

Using your knowledge, answer the following questions:

Remember: Conclusions about the relevant importance of different components of fitness are partially based on your opinion. These conclusion must be justified with an explanation, using your own knowledge as evidence.