Learning Outcome A Assessment

Pearson-Set Assignment (PSA) Preparation

Your assessment for Component 1 will involve you preparing participants to take part in sport and physical activity.

This is likely to be in the form of a written report. 

This page is to help generate ideas for your assignment. You will complete some activities which prompt the aspects of the topic which you should consider in your assignment. 

This page is not designed to complete your assignment, which you will do over approximately 5 hours of normal curriculum time under the supervision of your teacher. 

Sample Assignment

Vocational Context: 

Mariam is a 65-year old female who recently retired. She is a carer for her husband and has no children. She has recently moved to a new area where she only knows a few people. Mariam has access to a car. Mariam enjoys taking part in physical activity but whilst she was working she had little time for this. She has a state pension but she has to be careful with how she spends her money. Mariam lives within a short drive of lots of sport and leisure facilities.


Using the vocational context provided, produce a written response to choose two physical activities from the following list:

● sports

● outdoor activities

● physical fitness activities

that would be appropriate for Mariam to take part in.

For the purposes of this PSA preparation we are going to choose swimming and badminton.

Your written report for this topic can be broken down into 3 key areas:

1. Explain the provision for these activities in the participant’s local area and the advantages and disadvantages of this provision for your chosen physical activities and the needs of the selected participant. 

2. Analyse the potential barriers to participation in your chosen physical activities for the selected participant. 

3. Evaluate methods to overcome these barriers to participation for this selected participant and the chosen physical activities. 

1: Provisions for Activities

Each provision of activities in Mariam’s local area has advantage and disadvantages. Match the examples of potential advantages and disadvantages to the correct type of provisioner.

2: Potential Barriers to Participation

Match the potential barrier to participation in swimming and/or Mariam may experience to the correct explanation.

3: Evaluating Methods to Overcome Barriers to Participation

Are the following statements true or false?