Component One - The Human Body and Movement in Physical Activity and Sport
Component Two - Socio-Cultural Influences and Well Being

Exam Questions

Skeletal System - Exam Questions

Have a go at each of the exam questions below. After submitting your answers you will be provided with feedback and the opportunity to self-assess your work.

  • 1) Give an example of a hinge joint in the body. 1 Marks

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  • 2) Give an example of a ball & socket joint in the body and explain how this joint is important for performance in a sport of your choice. 2 Marks

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  • 3) Protection is a function of the skeletal system. Explain how the application of this function can have a positive effect on performance when heading a ball in football. 3 Marks

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  • 4) Aside from ‘protection’, explain how one other function of the skeletal system allows a netball player to produce an effective performance. 3 Marks

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  • 5) The skeletal system has 6 functions.

    Describe two functions of the skeletal system and justify why they are relevant to performance in the sport of rugby. 9 Marks

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