British Western Front

  • 1) Describe two features of the evacuation route which helped injured soldiers to be treated quickly. 4 Marks

    Video Mark Scheme

  • 2) Describe two features of the transportation of troops. 4 Marks

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  • 3) Study Sources A and B.
    How useful are Sources A and B for an enquiry into conditions for soldiers in trenches on the Western Front?
    Explain your answer, using Sources A and B and your knowledge of the historical context. 8 Marks

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  • 4) Study Source A.
    How could you follow up Source A to find out more about medical conditions on the Western Front?
    In your answer, you must give the question you would ask and the type of source you could use.
    Complete the following:

    Detail in Source A that I would follow up:
    Question I would ask:
    What type of source I could use:
    How this might help answer my question: 4 Marks

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