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The PE Classroom is a learning platform that provides a pathway to success for you and your  Physical Education pupils.

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A lack of exam question practice and an absence of timely, accurate feedback are huge barriers to GCSE success. We help you and your pupils to break down these barriers. GCSE Classroom allows pupils to access unique exam questions alongside a feedback and self-assessment tool. Within your Teacher Dashboard you can closely track and monitor the progress that your pupils are making

Exam Questions & Self-Assessment

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As a teacher, you (and your department) can subscribe to your academic subject. This will result in you, your colleagues and all of your pupils being granted logins to GCSE Classroom.

Your pupils will be separated into classes so that you can easily monitor progress and give effective feedback.


After pupils have logged in to the platform they will be able to dive into their course(s) and begin to answer exam questions on each and every unit. A pupil must submit their answers and at this point they will be able to watch a short video which runs through the mark scheme for each question. This allows pupils to gain immediate feedback on their answers and they can act on this feedback by marking their work and leaving appropriate comments. Through self-assessment pupils will soon become experts in answering exam questions.

Tracking Progress


As a teacher you can easily track and monitor the progress of your pupils within your Teacher Dashboard. Within this area of the platform you can easily identify the marks that your pupils have been giving themselves whilst using our self-assessment tool. In addition to this you can take a closer look at your pupils’ answers and leave them audio or written feedback if you wish.

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All schools are entitled to a three week trial on GCSE Classroom. This gives you a chance to try out the platform with your pupils and to use all of the features.

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