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Weekly Starter – Concussion in Rugby Union

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Our starter activity this week looks at the danger of concussion in Rugby Union. England captain Dylan Hartley has recently been ruled out until next season with a serious concussion injury. After watching the video (above) try to answer the following questions: What symptoms… Continue Reading “Weekly Starter – Concussion in Rugby Union”

Weekly Starter – How Amsterdam is Tackling Childhood Obesity

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This video shows how Amsterdam is focusing on exercise and diet in order to tackle childhood obesity. In small groups, come up with reasons…. How can a drop in childhood obesity help individual children (e.g. what are some of the problems they could avoid)?… Continue Reading “Weekly Starter – How Amsterdam is Tackling Childhood Obesity”

Weekly Starter – Australia’s Troublesome Tamperers

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After watching the video on this week’s issue, in small groups discuss: Should the players involved be punished and why? Ball tampering is an act of ‘negative deviance’. What is this? (Research if necessary) Would there be any advantages to cricket of allowing ball… Continue Reading “Weekly Starter – Australia’s Troublesome Tamperers”