Resource Packages

We have a comprehensive Resource Package which includes work-booklets, answer booklets, slideshow presentations, assessment materials and further resources for each course.  Take a look and download some resources by clicking below or scroll down to take advantage of our summer offer.

Summer Offer


We have two offers running on our Resource Packages until 3.30pm on Monday 4th July:

1. Gain full access to a Resource Package now but delay receiving an invoice until September 1st (there is of course an option to receive an invoice right away for those departments looking to spend the remainder of their budget this year). All staff will get access to the package immediately and a one year subscription will be extended until August 31st 2023.

2. One year access to each of our Resource Packages is £349. You can take advantage of opting for two year access for £525 (this makes your second year half-price!).

Order/Question Form

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