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Navigating your way through GCSE PE is no easy task. GCSE Classroom is here to help you prepare for your GCSE PE exams and to make sure that you are comfortable and confident answering exam questions. Together we will create a pathway to GCSE success.

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How GCSE Classroom Works

Poor exam technique and a lack of practice answering exam questions means that lots of pupils never reach their potential in their GCSEs. Understanding the content for each of your subjects is important but exam question practice is the key to succeeding in your GCSEs.

GCSE Classroom breaks down each subject into manageable units. For each unit you can answer a set of exam questions that will be similar to the questions that you will receive in your real GCSE exams. After answering the exam questions you will be able to watch a video which runs through the mark scheme for every single question. Whilst watching this video offering valuable feedback you can self-assess your own work by giving yourself both a mark and leaving a comment if you wish.

Pupil Membership


A GCSE Classroom Individual Pupil Membership gives you access to one of our GCSE PE courses. This means that you can plan your learning and revision appropriately and ensure that you are ready to tackle anything that your GCSE PE exams can throw at you.

All of your answers and self-assessments will be saved in your Pupil Dashboard, allowing you to clearly identify the topics which require further revision. You can also re-attempt exam questions as many times as you wish. This means that you can clearly see your improvement over time.

The carousel of images below will show you how to use the Pupil Dashboard on GCSE Classroom.

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All of our subjects and courses include a number of sample units. This allows you to try out our exam questions, put in some answers and use our feedback and self-assessment tool. This will show you exactly how GCSE Classroom works. Click on the buttons below to dive into each of our subjects.

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At GCSE Classroom our aim is to help all pupils as they prepare to take their GCSE exams. Every week we post a range of learning content, exam questions and quizzes on our Instagram pages. By following our subject specific pages, pupils will be taking part in constant learning and revision without even knowing it! Check out our Instagram pages by clicking below.