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Applied Anatomy & Physiology

1.1.a – Skeletal & Muscular Systems Try out this topic for free with a ‘Trial Membership’

1.1.b – Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems

1.1.cd Energy Systems & Environmental Effects on Body Systems

Exercise Physiology

1.2.a – Diet & Nutrition

1.2.b Preparation & Training Methods

1.2.c Injury Prevention & the Rehabilitation of Injury


1.3.ab Biomechanical Principles, Levers & the use of Technology/Linear, Angular & Projectile Motion and Fluid Mechanics

Skill Acquisition

2.1.ab Skill Acquisition, Practice & Transfer/Stages & Theories of Learning, Guidance, Feedback & Memory Models

Sports Psychology

2.2.ab Personality, Attitudes & Arousal/Motivation, Anxiety, Aggression & Social Facilitation

2.2.cd Goal Setting, Confidence & Attribution/Leadership, Groups & Stress

Sport & Society

3.1.a Emergence & Evolution of Modern Sport

3.1.b Global Sporting Events

Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity & Sport

3.2.a Ethics & Deviance in Sport

3.2.b Commercialisation & Media

3.2.c Routes to Sporting Excellence in UK & Modern Technology in Sport

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