Membership Levels

Currently we have the following memberships available:

Signing up as a trial member is quick, easy and completely free. As a ‘Trial Member’ you will be able to view our free content, which includes the first topic for each of our GCSE courses, as well as access to our Starter/Recap Activities. Full Membership will gain you access to every topic of a given course. Please note that signing up to a full package enables access for up to three members of your department.

If you require a formal quote or would like to pay using a different method, please contact us here.


You can choose multiple levels from this group.

Trial Membership


Edexcel GCSE PE Membership

£249.00 per Year.

AQA GCSE PE Membership

£249.00 per Year.

OCR GCSE PE Membership

£249.00 per Year.

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