Health & Fitness/Sedentary Lifestyle Quiz


What is released in the brain during exercise to make us feel good?



Physical activity can help people to make new friends. This can be classed as what type of benefit of taking part?



One of the physical benefits of exercise is that it reduces the chances of osteoporosis. What is osteoporosis?



A physical benefit of exercise is that it can prevent what from building up in the arteries?

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Overcoming a personal challenge can be classified as what type of benefit of participating in sport?


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Sport can increase self-esteem. This is closely linked to…



Bronchitis is most likely to be caused by what?



Alcohol can be described as a what?


9. What can be described as ‘how well a task is completed’.



Many sports develop cooperation. What type of benefit does this fall into?


11. What is a sedentary lifestyle?



Obesity can be defined as what?



Despite being in great shape, rugby players will often come out as obese on the BMI scale. This is because BMI does not take into account…



A balanced diet is important as part of a healthy lifestyle. Which of the following is not a macronutrient.


15. Iron is a mineral found in red meat. Why is iron essential for a performer within sport?


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What is energy balance?



A gymnast may consider taking on which food type immediately before a routine?



Immediately after a training session or competition, a weight lifter should take on which food source?


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Which of the following food sources can be classed as a micronutrient?



Why is it important to include a large amount of water as part of your diet?


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