Video Revision – The Principes of Training/Training Methods

Pupils – Go through the following levels in order to answer the questions about each GIF. If required, use your own device, or one given to you, in order to research who exactly the sports performer is in each video.

Teachers – Can you identify each performer without the use of Google!?

Struggling for an answer? Tweet @PEclassroom for a hint or for an answer to be revealed. Or let us know that you have successfully completed the task!

Level 1:

Who is the sprinter winning the 100m race? Explain how he could use Progressive Overload and the FITT principle during training sessions.
Who is scoring the free kick for England? Explain how two fitness classes could benefit this player and their performance.
Who is the runner? If an amateur was to follow his training programme, which principle of training would they be ignoring? What could happen to them?

Level 2:

Who is the tennis superstar winning the point? Explain how two training methods could improve her performance.
Who is the winning British sprinter? What training threshold will they be working in during this race?

Level 3:

Who is the swimmer? Assess the relative importance of interval training and plyometrics to his performance.
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