Video Revision – The Musculo-Skeletal System

Pupils – Go through the following levels in order to answer the questions about each GIF. If required, use your own device, or one given to you, in order to research who exactly the sports performer is in each video.

Teachers – Can you identify each performer without the use of Google!?

Struggling for an answer? Tweet @PEclassroom for a hint or for an answer to be revealed. Or let us know that you have successfully completed the task!

Level 1:

Who is this scoring the penalty and who is he playing for? Name two muscle actions required when taking a penalty and describe the antagonistic pairs involved.
Who is this famous basketball player? How many points has he scored in his career? How does he use two functions of the skeletal system during sporting performance?
Who is this Tennis star? What is her current World ranking? Describe three muscle actions required when serving. Describe the antagonistic pairs and the joint required for each movement.

Level 2

Who is the ex-rugby player failing to score a try? Who is he playing for? Why is it important for a rugby player to have stores of calcium and phosphorus produced by their skeletal system?
Who is the boxer winning an Olympic medal? What was the year? Name and describe how two flat bones are important to performance in boxing.


Level 3

Who is this famous discus thrower? What is she most famous for? Describe how two of her joints can be used to help her performance in this event.
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