Video Revision – The Cardio-Respiratory System

Pupils – Go through the following levels in order to answer the questions about each GIF. If required, use your own device, or one given to you, in order to research who exactly the sports performer is in each video.

Teachers – Can you identify each performer without the use of Google!?

Struggling for an answer? Tweet @PEclassroom for a hint or for an answer to be revealed. Or let us know that you have successfully completed the task!

Level 1:

What is the fist name of this athletics star? How does her body use vascular shunting during an 800m race?
Who is scoring for England against South Africa? This match took part at altitude – explain what happens to the CV system when training/playing at altitude.
Who is the England batsman? How does his CV system help to cool him down during a long innings?

Level 2:

Who is the athlete? Which country does she represent? Name 3 ways that the cardio-respiratory system of this athlete would differ to that of the average person.
Who is this ex-England footballer? Which component of blood is required in order to prevent any further bleeding? How does it work?

Level 3:

Who is the famous American swimmer? How many Olympic medals did he win? Describe the path of the oxygen/CO2 through all parts of the cardio-respiratory system as he takes part in a race.
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