Video Revision – Anaerobic/Aerobic Exercise & The Effects of Exercise

Pupils – Go through the following levels in order to answer the questions about each GIF. If required, use your own device, or one given to you, in order to research who exactly the sports performer is in each video.

Teachers – Can you identify each performer without the use of Google!?

Struggling for an answer? Tweet @PEclassroom for a hint or for an answer to be revealed. Or let us know that you have successfully completed the task!

Level 1:

Who is this tennis player winning Wimbledon? What are the long term effects of playing tennis on his cardio-respiratory and muscular systems?
Who is the Tour De France winner? Explain why he requires both aerobic and anaerobic respiration at different points during a race.
Who is the ex-England star making this big hit? What type of respiration is required in order for the muscles to make a tackle? Describe the food type used to create the energy for this action.

Level 2:

Who is this star of Women’s football? Who is she playing for? What type of respiration is most important in her sport? Explain the different food types that are required in her diet.
Who is the gold medal winning Paralympic swimmer? What is she likely to experience at the end of this race? How can she reduce this following the swim?

Level 3:

Who is the famous 400m runner? What are the immediate/short-term effects of exercise on his cardio-respiratory and muscular systems?
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