Engagement Patterns/Commercialisation/Ethical Issues Quiz


Stereotypes are most likely to dissuade which group from taking part in dancing?

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Which group would find it difficult to take part in the sport of golf?

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The above image shows the 'golden triangle'. What word is missing from the image?

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'Kick it Out' is an initiative which aims to stop what occurring in football?

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Due to commercialisation, many sports brought in new formats. What format of cricket was first played professionally in 2003?

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What factor can make it difficult for disabled people to participate in sport?

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Which of the following would be the most appropriate sponsor for the Olympic Games?

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The commercialisation of sport can be seen to have led to an increase in ticket prices at football matches. This is a disadvantage for who?

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9. Which social group receives less media coverage, leading to less participation?

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Sports stars play an important part in increasing participation is sport. This is because they are....

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Deliberately injuring an opponent is an example of what?

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Continuing to play sport despite having an injury is showing what type of behaviour?

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Footballers may use time-wasting tactics by passing the ball between defenders. What type of behaviour is this?

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Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs is regarded as cheating in order to gain an unfair advantage in sport. What type of behaviour is being shown by those who take PEDs?

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Accidentally injuring an opponent can be classed as 'over-conforming to the rules of sport'. This means that what type of behaviour is being shown....

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Helping out and respecting an opponent who is need, shows what type of behaviour?

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Using "scare tactics" such as bowling bouncers in cricket, can be classed as what type of behaviour?

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Rugby players finish a match by clapping the opponents through a tunnel. This shows what type of behaviour?

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Commercialisation has led to a change in the amount of people watching sport globally. The trend in viewers shows an.....

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20. Sportsmanship at an elite level can lead to an increase in sportsmanship at the lower levels of sport. What are the lower levels of sport referred to as?

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