Edexcel GCSE PE

This is an outline of what all attendees will receive during the free GCSE webinar on Tuesday 13th September. These resources will only be available during the webinar so make sure you attend!

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Curriculum Map

Data/Tracking Sheet

Road Maps

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Cheat Sheet

Course Overview

Exam Questions & Mark Schemes

Resource Packages

We have a comprehensive Resource Package which includes work-booklets, answer booklets and slideshow presentations for each unit of the course. There are also assessment materials for the exam unit. 

You can take a look and download some resources by clicking below.

Pupil Gateway

We also have our Pupil Gateway, which is a platform for both students and teachers to use including videos, slideshow presentations, quizzes and exam questions for each unit. Student’s progress can be tracked by teachers through their dashboard, allowing students to study independently, either in school or at home. 

You can take a look and access some topics for free by clicking below.

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