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The PE Classroom’s Learning Guides cover the new specification for Cambridge Nationals Sport Studies and Sport Science.  The guides offer visually engaging content in a way that is simple for pupils to understand, with a focus on the two key pillars of success – content and exam technique.

The Guides include concise and stimulating summaries of each topic for the whole course, as well as an exam overview. The second half of the Learning Guides offer straightforward explanations of how to structure both short and extended answers, so pupils improve their exam technique in addition to revising the content. 

Take a look at the Learning Guides below so that you understand exactly what you and your pupils will be receiving. (Fill in the form below to make an order)

The Learning Guide is a professionally printed physical product which will be distributed to schools to help with revision and learning. 


You can order copies of the Learning Guide by filling in the form below. An invoice will be emailed over following the order.

Pre-Order the Learning Guides before Friday 9th June to get a discounted price, and to receive them well in advance of the summer holidays

Order Form

Please fill in the form below to order the Learning Guides.

If you have a question about the Learning Guides please email or call us on 01789 569013

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