Cardiovascular System Pupil Quiz


What happens to systolic blood pressure during exercise?

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Which of the following is not a function of the cardiovascular system?

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Which component of blood is responsible for clotting open wounds?

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What happens to the blood vessels to help a performer cool down during exercise?

Question 4 of 10


What is the name of the blood vessel being shown by the green arrow?

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6. The redistribution of blood flow during exercise allows oxygenated blood to get to active areas of the body. The redistribution of blood flow is also known as what?

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During a tennis match, the redistribution of blood flow will take place. Vasoconstriction will occur in the arteries leading to which area?

Question 7 of 10


Which chamber of the heart is being shown by the green arrow?

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What is the role of white blood cells?

Question 9 of 10


What is the liquid part of blood known as?

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