Using Chat GPT to aid the teaching of Cambridge Nationals

On Tuesday 12th September we will be running a short (free!) webinar to support Cambridge Nationals teachers at the start of the new academic year. The presentation will take place on Teams and teachers will learn how they can use Chat GPT (and/or other AI models) to improve learning and also to save a great deal of time. 

All attendees will also receive a comprehensive course introduction booklet that can be printed and used with pupils.

The session will cover: CNATs Sport Studies & CNATs Sport Science

Key Info

Date: Tuesday 12th September 2023

Time: 7.30pm

Location: Online (Teams)     Price: Free (limited places)

Summary: We will provide information on how you can use The PE Classroom for both teaching resources and online learning.

Free Resources for Attendees: Comprehensive course Introduction Booklet that can be printed for pupils


Use the form below to sign-up to this free webinar covering CNATS Sport Science & Studies. After completing the form you will receive a link for the session via email and WhatsApp.