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Component One – The Human Body & Movement in Physical Activity & Sport

1.1 The Musculo-Skeletal System Try out this topic for free by with a ‘Trial Membership’

1.2 The Cardio Respiratory System

1.3/1.4 Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise/The Effects of Exercise

2.1/2.2 Lever Systems/Planes & Axes of Movement

3.1/3.2 Health & Fitness/The Components of Fitness

3.3 The Principles of Training & Types of Training

3.4/3.5/4 How to Optimise Training & Prevent Injury/Effective Use of A Warm Up & Cool Down/Use of Data

Component Two – Socio Cultural Influences and Well-Being in Physical Activity & Sport

1.1/1.2 Classification of Skills/Goal Setting & SMART Targets

1.3/1.4 Information Processing/Guidance & Feedback

1.5 Mental Preparation for Performance

2.1/2.2 Engagement Patterns of Social Groups in Sport/Commercialisation of Sport

2.3 Ethical & Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport

3.1 Physical, Emotional & Social Health, Fitness & Well-Being/Sedentary Lifestyle/Energy Use & Diet