AQA are a highly popular exam board for GCSE Physical Education. The content below will give you user-friendly access to a wide range of teaching tools and resources that have been designed and used by teachers of AQA (9-1) PE.

Every topic listed below includes the following:

  1. Pupil Booklet
  2. Answer Booklet
  3. End of Unit Test (30 marks)
  4. Mark Scheme
  5. Annotated pupil booklet (with links to videos, quizzes, web pages and further resources)

We strongly believe that our resources offer a diverse and comprehensive learning experience for all pupils, with a focus on both ‘content’ and ‘exam technique’.

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Component One – The Human Body & Movement in Physical Activity & Sport

1.1 The Musculo-Skeletal System Try out this topic for free by with a ‘Trial Membership’

1.2 The Cardio Respiratory System

1.3/1.4 Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise/The Effects of Exercise

2.1/2.2 Lever Systems/Planes & Axes of Movement

3.1/3.2 Health & Fitness/The Components of Fitness

3.3 The Principles of Training & Types of Training

3.4/3.5/4 How to Optimise Training & Prevent Injury/Effective Use of A Warm Up & Cool Down/Use of Data


Component Two – Socio Cultural Influences and Well-Being in Physical Activity & Sport

1.1/1.2 Classification of Skills/Goal Setting & SMART Targets

1.3/1.4 Information Processing/Guidance & Feedback

1.5 Mental Preparation for Performance

2.1/2.2 Engagement Patterns of Social Groups in Sport/Commercialisation of Sport

2.3 Ethical & Socio-Cultural Issues in Sport

3.1 Physical, Emotional & Social Health, Fitness & Well-Being/Sedentary Lifestyle/Energy Use & Diet


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