Watch the video above to find out exactly what we have to offer. The PE Classroom aims to take away the hardship of planning, research and administrative tasks, allowing PE teachers to focus on the delivery of lessons for GCSE PE, A Level PE and Cambridge Nationals courses.

In terms of course content we offer the full package. After subscribing to The PE Classroom you will have access to every topic area for a particular course. Each topic includes access to the following documents:

  1. Pupil Booklet
  2. Answer Booklet
  3. End of Unit Test
  4. Mark Scheme

Further to this a comprehensive and detailed annotated booklet is available for each topic, guiding both teachers and pupils through content and providing further information, videos, resources, extension tasks and exam tips.

Sign up for free as a trial member and check out our sample material on our GCSE PE, A Level PE and Cambridge Nationals pages.

All of our lessons and resources are created by teachers and have been implemented successfully in the classroom. Further to this, being an online hub we are constantly updating and adapting our lessons to ensure that they include contemporary examples from sport and adhere to updated specifications. We constantly seek out feedback to ensure that our content remains at an outstanding level.

We also regularly update our Video Revision,  Pupil Quizzes and Free Resource pages which provide excellent recap material for pupils of GCSE and A Level Physical Education.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about what we offer and we will be more than happy to get back to you.


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