Lever Systems

We get a lot of requests for resources and teaching materials for the topic of Lever Systems.

This is a difficult topic to grasp for pupils, but a very easy topic to master. Once the basics are learned, pupils will be able to answer any question that this topic can throw at them.

Most importantly, pupils need to know what makes up a lever system (fulcrum, load, effort), which part of the lever system sits in the middle and which types of movement are undertaken by 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class lever systems.

Firstly pupils must remember what sits in the middle of each lever system:

First Class – Fulcrum sits in the middle

2nd Class – Load sits in the middle

3rd Class – Effort sits in the middle

There is no need for pupils to learn about how to classify many sporting movements. There are only a few movements which can come up on an exam.

1st Class Lever Systems – Nodding the head. Rowing a boat. Tricep Dip.

2nd Class Lever System – Calf Raise

3rd Class Lever System – Kicking a football. Bicep Curl.

Our Learning Zone helps pupils to understand this topic by guiding them through the basics and making sure that they are ready to tackle exam questions.

Lever Systems for AQA GCSE PE

Lever Systems for Edexcel GCSE PE

Mechanical Advantage v Disadvantage

All lever systems either have a mechanical advantage or disadvantage.

Mechanical Advantage = Effort Arm รท Resistance Arm.

Mechanical Advantage  is when a large load can be lifted with relatively little effort. It is usually due to effort and the load being a relatively long distance away from one another.

Mechanical Disadvantage is when it takes a lot of effort to lift a relatively small load.

Once again we can simplify our classifications of Mechanical Advantage and Disadvantage. As a general rule the following applies.

Have you been teaching the topic of Lever Systems to your pupils? Click on the image below to check out this handy revision resource which will get your pupils thinking about the different types of lever system.

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