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Although UK schools are looking increasingly likely to spend some time closed in the coming weeks and months, E-learning is something that is already used across the World and for many teachers compliments classroom teaching. We would like to share with you how www.thepeclassroom.com can be used for both E-learning and revision for your GCSE and A Level pupils.

Free Pupil Quizzes

We recently put out a poll to find out the preferred revision method for pupils. It was no surprise that quizzes came out on top! Although they do not cover all bases when setting work, they give pupils a chance to quickly assess and improve their AO1 knowledge. Our interactive pupil quizzes are free to use and are really popular amongst pupils. Each GCSE PE topic includes a 20 mark quiz for pupils to use. A pupil with a poor performance can retake the quiz right away in order to improve their results and confidence.

Check out our pupil quizzes here – https://thepeclassroom.com/2019/06/18/free-pupil-quizzes/

Instagram Revision

Alongside other social media platforms, Instagram is still a big hit with pupils. Between now and GCSE/A Level PE exams we will be posting lots of questions, videos and revision materials on our Story and we encourage your pupils to follow us (peclassroom) in order to get access to this. Our aim is to expose pupils to theoretical content as much as possible, even when they are not officially revising.

You can check out our latest story here – https://t.co/8R8FOipkyI?amp=1


Signing up to a subscription with The PE Classroom will give you access to a whole range of resources, assessment materials, revision tools and videos. The videos can be found in our annotated booklets (all will be clear once you logon to the site!) and they can be sent to pupils to watch in their own time. You can of course then assess pupils on their knowledge following each video, or use work from our booklets to do this for you.

Take out a free trial membership in order to check out all of our content for one topic – https://thepeclassroom.com/membership-account/membership-levels/

Setting Work and Assessing Progress

Hard copies of our booklets and resources can be printed for pupils, or work can be sent or drip fed over other platforms such as Google Classroom or Microsoft OneNote. This includes our booklets for every topic of a course, including information, pictures, diagrams, key terms and sample exam questions. Pupils can mark their own work with our answer booklets or return parts of their booklets to you to check over.

Pupil Logins

As part of your membership on the site, teachers in your department are each given a login. Since January we have also been giving logins to Year 11 pupils of member schools so that pupils can access all of our resources and materials. This means that pupils have everything they need to tackle their exams in one area, rather than trailing through notes and exercise books where work can sometimes be muddled or missing. Of course all pupils work differently, some prefer to use textbooks whereas others prefer to head online. We have had some great feedback from pupils so far who have commented on the success of using our 6/9 mark questions and mark schemes to improve their access to A02 and A03 marks.

If you have any questions or queries about The PE Classroom please send an email to thepeclassroom@gmail.com

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