Free Pupil Quizzes

Each topic below includes a 20 question quiz which will enable you to test your Physical Education knowledge. The quizzes will help your understanding of each topic as well as highlighting areas that require further revision.

The Musculo-Skeletal System 

The Cardio-Respiratory System

Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise/The Short & long Term Effects of ExerciseLever Systems/Planes & Axes of Movement

The Relationship between Health & Fitness/The Components of Fitness, The Principles of Training & Training Methods

How to Optimise Training & Prevent Injury/Effective Use of Warm Up & Cool Down

Health, Fitness & Well-Being, The Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle/Energy Use, Diet & Nutrition

Classification of Skills/Goal Setting, Guidance & Feedback/Mental Preparation

Engagement Patterns/Commercialisaton of Sport, Ethical & Socio-Cultural Issues

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