The PE Classroom – What are we all about?

The PE Classroom –

Why was The PE Classroom created?

As teachers we all wish we had more of it. Without it we cannot put our pupils first and cannot continue to develop our teaching and lesson delivery. We wish we didn’t have to waste so much of it with administrative and menial tasks.

The PE Classroom was produced to give you back the time that you need to be an outstanding teacher.

What are our aims?

How many times have you been sat in the staffroom and a teacher from another subject area has been discussing the flaws of planning and marking, before turning to you and saying, “at least you don’t have to deal with this as a PE teacher’’? It can be difficult to bite your tongue.

Nowadays, examination Physical Education courses relate to a vast array of subject areas such as Biology, Physics, Maths, English, Psychology, Sociology…the list goes on. Pupils must possess a deep understanding within all of these areas, with lessons and resources planned meticulously to aid teaching. This takes time. Unfortunately as a PE teacher time is rarely in abundance, with extra-curricular clubs, fixtures, Inter-House sport, tours and trips all adding to your workload; not to mention any additional responsibilities that you may hold in your job role.

This is where The PE Classroom comes in. Our subscription packages are specification specific and cover everything that your pupils need to learn in order to succeed in their exams. We currently have GCSE PE membership packages available for Edexcel, AQA and OCR. We are working on developing A level material and would love to hear from you if you are interested in this package.

What is included in our packages?

 Pupil Booklet:

Every topic comes with a printable pupil booklet. Each booklet contains a range of independent tasks, group activities, analytical data, tables, diagrams and sample exam questions. The pupil booklets follow the specification, ensuring that your pupils are covering everything that they need to learn for each topic, and allowing you to spend your time considering the best way to get the content across to the individuals within your class.

“The pupil booklets are detailed and fall in line with the specification. I know that my pupils are being given the knowledge required to thrive in their exam”

A sample page from one of our pupil booklets
A sample page from one of our pupil booklets

Answer Booklet:

Teachers can use the answer booklet for each topic in order to mark work accurately or to show pupils where they went wrong. This is particularly applicable when marking sample exam questions from the pupil booklet, or showing pupils where they went wrong when answering an extended question.

A sample page from one of our answer booklets
A sample page from one of our answer booklets


Annotated Booklet (Videos/Extension Tasks/Quizzes/Links):

Each topic also comes with an annotated version of the Pupil Booklet. This contains a notes section with links to further activities, videos, quizzes and further information. Do you ever spend your much sought after time scanning through YouTube to find a video explaining diffusion? Or perhaps you spend an hour creating an extension activity on lever systems for those 3 pupils in your class who are ahead of the game. You no longer have to! Our annotated booklets will allow you to access all of this and much more with a simple click.

“The links to videos are a brilliant way to cover all bases when teaching.”

A sample page from an annotated booklet – teachers use the right hand side to access videos, extension tasks and quizzes

End of Unit Test:

Are your tests consistent and regular? Do they cover every topic of the course so that you can give parents and pupils precise feedback? Do they include extended (6 and 9 mark) questions that enable pupils to improve the structure of their answers? All of our end of unit tests are 30 marks and take 40 minutes to complete. All include a range of different questions that are carefully worded to match questions that are given to pupils in their exam. Teachers are able to track the progress of pupils through regular testing and give feedback to both pupils and parents on how to improve their exam technique.


An extended mark question
A sample page from one of our end of unit tests


“The tests and mark schemes have saved me hours, which can now be put back into my lessons and pupils”

Mark Scheme:

With every test must come a mark scheme! As part of your package you will receive a detailed mark scheme for every test. Do you prefer to mark tests yourselves? Perhaps you like to mix it up with self-marking or peer-marking? Whatever your preference, our mark schemes will help you and your pupils understand exactly how to gain a high grade in their exam – something that is much easier said than done!

A sample page from one of our mark schemes
A sample page from an extended question as part of one of our mark schemes


 What else do we offer?

We are currently developing revision material for every GCSE PE topic and this is released via our social media sites. We have also created a Video Revision section to aid visual learning and we are currently working on a pupil revision section.

Who do we work with?

We currently work with a whole range of schools and colleges across the United Kingdom, as well as several International schools. The feedback that we have received from our partner schools has been very positive and we now want to expand our reach even further. We would love to work with your school. If you are interested in a membership package or would like further information, please email

Alternatively, sign up for a free trial membership by visiting 

We look forward to welcoming you on-board and as a thank you for reading this blog we would like to offer you and your school 10% off our subscription packages – applicable until 6th November so make sure you get in touch before then!

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