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Our Video revision section is free to use and allows pupils to go over key GCSE PE content, as well enhancing their sporting knowledge. Pupils are required to use their research or knowledge to name the person being shown in the clip, before answering a GCSE PE question on this person. Click on a topic below to get started, or scroll down to see some examples! (We have aimed to make the content relevant for Edexcel, AQA and OCR GCSE PE).

The Video Revision topics fit in perfectly with our subscription material which can be found by accessing our GCSE page.

Component One:

The Musculo-Skeletal System

The Cardio-Respiratory System

Who is this ex-Liverpool player? What injury is occurring? How could it have been prevented and how could it be treated?

Anaerobic & Aerobic Exercise/The Short & long Term Effects of Exercise

Lever Systems/Planes & Axes of Movement

The Relationship between Health & Fitness/The Components of Fitness

The Principles of Training & Training Methods

How to Optimise Training & Prevent Injury/Effective Use of Warm Up & Cool Down – Coming Soon


Component Two:

Health, Fitness & Well-Being – Coming Soon

Who is this cycling champion turned drugs cheat? Which PEDs could benefit a cyclist and what are their side effects? Why would a pro sportsperson consider cheating?

The Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle/Energy Use, Diet & Nutrition – Coming Soon

Classification of Skills/Goal Setting – Coming Soon

Guidance & Feedback/Mental Preparation – Coming Soon

Engagement Patterns/Commercialisaton of Sport – Coming Soon

Ethical & Socio-Cultural Issues – Coming Soon


Example Videos

Who is playing in this 2018 World Cup tie? Why are both team showing such negative tactics? What behaviour are they showing?
Who is scoring the penalty? Name two different muscle actions that are used in the process of striking the ball.
Who is helping Team GB to a gold medal? Aerobic or anaerobic respiration? What are the long term effects of exercise on cyclists’ cardiorespiratory systems?
Which race is Jess Ennis winning here to ensure Heptathlon gold? How does her body use vascular shunting throughout this race?
Who is this? What lever system is present at the elbow when throwing a dart? What is the fulcrum, load and effort?
Who is this and what is the name of the gymnastic event? What plane and axis is the movement being shown within?
Who is playing? Year? Classify the skill of serving on the skill continua (e.g. open/closed, basic/complex etc). How can the skill of serving be transferred to skills in other sports?
Who is missing this penalty? Year? Opposition? How can mental rehearsal and other stress management techniques be used by  England to improve penalty success?

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